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GPI - Helping businesses and their boards perform at their best.

GPI's Services can give your Company Board, CEO and senior management an independent insight into the quality of the inner workings of your organisation. This will enable you confidently to choose where to apply required improvements; with our help if you need it.
The GPI Healthcheck discovers areas of strength and weakness in your business activities. It uses our unique 9P Approach (see right) which encapsulates detailed characteristics of excellent organisations.
The best businesses address all of the 9Ps to ensure that a culture of all-round excellence forms part of the business strategy. They are 'healthy' in all aspects and are best placed to sustain growth and survive economic fluctuations

GPI's unique 9P Approach

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The 9P Approach is a sophisticated multilayered way of looking at your business activities.
The higher layer looks at the overall picture. Lower layers examine in more detail to identify more specific suggestions for improvement.

Board Services

GPI's Board Services
are designed to give the Board an insight into the quality of the inner workings of the organisation. This puts the Board in a stronger position to manage their governance responsibilities including corporate strategy and risk.

GPI Dashboard

GPI Dashboard gives the Board a high level perspective of the functional integrity of the organisation. It delivers a framework, derived from the the 9P Approach, for structured dialogue between the Board and the Executive to identify and monitor initiatives to reduce organisational risk due to functional weaknesses.

The GPI Dashboard is fully supported by GPI's Business Excellence Services. Information from organisational i
mprovement initiatives identified via these services can be linked seamlessly to the Dashboard.

Board Review

In addition, GPI Board Services include an appraisal of the workings of the Board itself; the
Board Review. This looks at how the Board manages its responsibilities including the internal dynamics and compares them with best practice.

The associated
Board Report identifies potential areas for improvement in functional activities and dynamics essential to the effectiveness of board practice.

Business Excellence Services

Our business excellence services are particularly useful for CEOs and business leaders seeking independent assessment of their organisation or for businesses that have already recognised the need for an improvement initiative but do not have a clear idea of the most important changes or how to achieve them.

They are based on the GPI 9P Approach
which combines proven best practice models and process improvement philosophies with our knowledge and over 30 years' experience of successful implementations.

GPI Healthcheck

Healthcheck (using the 9P Approach) supported by the GPI Calculator and/or subsequent Health Report provides an independent insight into organisational strengths and weaknesses.

It effectively produces a checklist for managing organisational functional integrity; comparing it with best practice and as such delivers a framework for an improvement initiative.

Making it happen...

GPI can provide any level of support required to help organisations to make improvements; ranging from full project management and bespoke training and coaching programmes to online email support.


CMMI Services
(IT Process Improvement)

GPI has extensive experience in managing and implementing all aspects and levels of CMMI implementations. We have a 100% record in helping organisations achieve their target CMMI level.

CMMI Appraisals...

GPI can conduct
Class B/C CMMI Appraisals as well as Formal Class A Appraisals.

Making it happen...

We can provide CMMI implementation project management, training, process asset production, individual and group coaching and hands-on guidance.

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The Healthcheck is our startpoint specifically designed to quickly discover strengths and identify significant weaknesses. It recommends clear step-by-step prioritised improvements to enable transition to excellence and growth. This helps focus your mandate for success onto those areas of the business which need most help and whose improvement would give the best return on investment.


If you're ready to
take your business to the next level -
your own pace and at a
price you can afford -
start by taking the
GPI healthcheck and see how GPI's suggested quick wins will make an immediate difference.

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