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GPIs 9P Approach

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GPI's 9P Approach

The characteristics of excellent organisations are summarised in GPI's unique 9P Approach (see right). The best organisations address all of them.

The 9P Approach is an easy way for an organisation to assess how well it shapes up to best practice. This can help reduce costs and risk, and increase quality and resilience. As part of a continuous improvement programme, it asks questions in increasingly searching levels of detail under each of 9 categories. It ranges from a basic gap analysis to identify areas of greatest risk down to a detailed evaluation of the effectiveness of current practices; identifying omissions and suggesting improvements.

Underlying the 9P Approach is our knowledge base consisting of proven best practice models and continuous/process improvement philosophies together with our experience of over 30 years' experience of successful implementations and is the foundation of our Business Excellence Service.

We use it as the basis of our Healthcheck which is specifically designed to quickly discover strengths and identify significant weaknesses across the whole business.

If you're a new leader in your business, or if you're embarking on an improvement initiative, an independent expert view of the health of the business is critical to identify where best to focus your efforts.

GPI's unique 9P Approach
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