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CMMI Service

CMMI Consultancy

GPI has extensive experience in CMMI consultancy. We conduct both CMMI® mini-appraisals as well as formal appraisals and can provide all the necessary support required for an organisation to achieve its desired CMMI Level.

This includes training, mentoring, tools advice, process asset production (processes, procedures, templates and standards), measurement techniques and measures, and any associated project management consultancy required.

We have a 100% record in achieving CMMI Level attainment where we have been involved in a CMMI Implementation.

In conjunction with the client we will devise a bespoke package dovetailed with the client’s expertise to provide the assistance required to achieve their aims.

As with our other services, our philosophy is to provide ‘just enough’ involvement to transfer knowledge and enable the client to manage and sustain the improvements for the long term.

CMMI Insitute Partners

GPI is listed in the CMMI Institute Partner network which provides courses and services in CMMI, SCAMPI, and Software Engineering Measurement and Analysis.

The CMMI Institute Partner network is comprised of organisations that are selected, tested, monitored, and licensed by the CMMI Institute to provide CMMI courses and services.

CMMI Institute Partners are licensed to deliver authentic CMMI services through CMMI Institute-trained individuals. When you receive services from a CMMI Institute Partner, you can be sure that the quality of those services is comparable to the quality you would get from the CMMI Institute itself.

Standards of Excellence are maintained via the CMMI Insitute Partner network Ethics and Compliance Program which is dedicated to upholding the CMMI Institute's standard of excellence by establishing high standards for the CMMI Institute's work with partners and authorized and certified professionals.

CMMI Appraisals

Mini appraisals (SCAMPI B/C) (typically 3-6 days):

Mini appraisals are held for clients who want to determine their organisation’s existing process quality and performance before defining the necessary changes and improvements to attain their desired CMMI Level.

A CMMI Lead appraiser (and, usually, a GPI consultant) will review and analyse the client’s current processes and find gaps to achieve a CMMI specific level both for process definition and implementation.

The Client will receive a completed GPI CMMI calculator , a presentation of findings, strengths and opportunities to improve their processes further.

The mini-appraisal can be conducted for several purposes e.g. at the first stage to baseline current practices using the CMMI Model, after the process definition stage to find any gaps in the defined processes or before
a formal appraisal to check readiness and prepare people before starting a formal appraisal.

Formal appraisal (SCAMPI A): (from 5-15 days depending on size and CMMI Level)

A CMMI Lead appraiser and GPI consultant, together with internal and external Appraisal Team Members, review evidence and interview representatives from the client’s organisation and score each process area at a specific CMMI level. The result is the CMMI level the client has achieved.

CMMI Process Consultancy and CMMI Implementation Project Management

GPI consultants can make suggestions and give guidance how to adjust or create processes to close gaps based on industry best practice and client’s current practices, and also to implement or deploy processes in the organisation effectively.

Project Management Consultancy can range from occasional mentoring to full Project Management responsibility. Normally GPI will closely assist the client’s own Project Manager in a CMMI Implementation Project.

Measurement and Analysis

Effective measurement is one of the keys to success. GPI has measurement expertise to help clients to define measures and their associated analysis to effectively monitor the quality and effects of process improvement efforts of an organisation.

The objective is to minimise the measures required and to maximize their value to the organisation.

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