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GPI Healthcheck

Level 6

GPI's Critical Business Excellence Healthcheck

The GPI Critical Business Excellence Healthcheck is the starting point for our Business Excellence Service. It analyses your provision of products and services against proven best practice and is specifically designed to quickly discover strengths and identify significant weaknesses across the whole business.

In the '
critical healthcheck' we hold meetings with one or more key people. Using our extensive background knowledge of business best practice and process improvement models we question you in a structured way about your business model and your working practices to discover weaknesses and areas for improvement. We analyse the information and then present you with our findings.

We offer three levels of Healthcheck to cover differing needs and budgets:

Starter: This is a budget introductory heathcheck which covers one or two of the 9Ps across the whole or all 9Ps for a particular department or function in your organisation. It's performed online or by telephone with 1-3 personnel. A summary of strengths and weaknesses within the scope is produced.

This is an intermediate healthcheck across the whole organisation covering all 9Ps. It's performed online or by telephone with up to 5 personnel. A report of strengths and weaknesses is produced with recommendations for each of the practices within the 9Ps together with a face-to-face presentation.

Comprehensive: This detailed healthcheck covers all 9Ps across the whole organisation. Its done face-to-face with up to 10 personnel. A report is produced incorporating an in depth scoring system applied to each of the practices within the 9Ps with associated recommendations for each of the practices. This is associated with a face-to-face presentation. We will also hold a prioritisation session with you and produce a high level improvement plan.

After confirming and agreeing the findings of the Healthcheck, within the
GPI Business Excellence Consultancy service we can work with you to:

  • implement quick wins and develop detailed prioritised improvement plans and activities
  • support your improvement activities and transfer skills according to your needs
  • measure the impact of the changes you make to confirm that the desired results have been delivered
  • put in place organisational structures to sustain your improvements and to support future improvement initiatives.

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