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“I had the pleasure of working with Debra and her team on a large IT multi-site process improvement exercise in the banking sector. I was really impressed with the professionalism, knowledge, experience and energy Debra brought to the initiative. Those attributes coupled with applying real world practicality meant the results were outstanding.
Bringing together large groups of professionals on disparate sites is never an easy thing to do and getting them to change methodologies and approaches matured over many years even more challenging. To her credit Debra achieved this with what appeared effortless ease. Communication was succinct and crisp whilst the various stakeholders were kept engaged and informed throughout the whole process. Governance and stakeholder management was managed with an attention to detail and keen political awareness. All important ingredients of a successful change programme which were evident from the outset.”
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
Robert B, Abbey

“I worked with Debra as part of a process improvement programme at Abbey National. I found [her] to be highly professional, pragmatic, and determined to steer and drive the programme forward. I found [her] to be a good coach to me and other team members, offering guidance and encouraging us in developing our own knowledge and experience of CMMI."
Simon Smillie, CMMI Process Improvement Analyst, Abbey

“Debra is an extremely knowledgeable business excellence consultant who is able to quickly grasp the essence of an organisation and its opportunities to improve; her pragmatic application of business excellence tools (e.g.CMMI) provided good insights into the areas of the business that were not performing to their potential. Excellent value for money. Highly recommended!”
Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity
Tony H, Department of Work and Pensions

“Debra provided guidance on our approach to CMMI, reviewed our Business Management System against the model, and conducted informal, Class B and Class A Appraisals, culminating in a successful CMMI Level 4 Appraisal led by Debra in December 2004, becoming the first UK organisation to achieve this level.
Working with [her] and GPI was easy. They were flexible and provided the support we needed in a clear and helpful manner. I would recommend [her] and GPI to anyone starting out in CMMI.
[She] provided us with an excellent grounding in the basics of the CMMI model, and put us on a successful path that (in 2006) led to achieving CMMI Level 5 status."
Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity
Ric W, BAE Systems

“Debra brought detailed knowledge of CMMI. She helped us produce pragmatic and appropriate changes to the client's IT delivery processes to allow the client to significantly improve its IT delivery capability.
...easy to work with, she had a professional and approachable manner.
[Her] work was a significant contributing factor to the success of our CMMI Programme (covering 600+ developers across multiple sites)” November 20, 2011
Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value
Nick L, Deloitte

“I worked with Debra and GPI whilst at Abbey National. Debra and GPI where the external consultants chosen to drive Software Process Improvement. In particular [she] drove the assessments to get a current state analysis and helped shape a plan to address the gaps and strengthen the existing. [Her] overall knowledge of SPI, why it should be done, what the benefits are and how software delivery can be de-risked are invaluable. As a result of the consultancy the work unit I was assigned to achieved CMMI Level 2 certification but more importantly better quality projects where delivered. While timelines may not have shortened the delivered product was of higher quality, properly documented and had been delivered in a manner that was sustainable over the long-term and would lead to reduced maintenance costs. GPI are good to work with as they know the challenges, tell you it straight and help achievable plans be developed and delivered.” November 19, 2011
Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity
Neal K, Abbey

“As the manager of Aerosystems International's CMMI project I was very fortunate to have engaged Debra as a consultant from the earliest baseline appraisal. Her advice was always specific and considered and it allowed the company to make the right decisions at the right time and spend its resources wisely.
[She] is highly personable with a calm, quiet intellect. A pleasure to work with, she was instrumental in transforming Aerosystems International into the CMMI level 5 company that it became.” November 18, 2011
Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity
Paul D, Project Manager, Aerosystems International

“I was priviledged to work alongside Debra and her GPI colleagues in a CMMI implementation at Abbey. I always found her extremely professional, knowledgeable and supportive in her consultative role to create the necessary paradigm shift. Those lessons and disciplines remain with me to this day. Thank you for the inspiration Debra.”
Dave B, Project Analyst (CMMI), Abbey

“Debra examined the whole software development unit with the aim of preparing it to achieve L3 of the CMMI QA program. Her conscientious work, timely delivery, devoted attitude, professional and lively manner has won cooperation from the whole team. I can recommend her to any similar assignment in the future.”
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value
Pál Vadász,

"A pleasure to work with, Larry was the lead SME in a difficult process change project. His commitment and leadership were key to the success of the project. In particular his skills of knowledge transfer, attention to detail and matching the solution to the customer’s strengths were critical in ensuring its successful delivery to a tight timescale."
Justin Glasgow, Director - Application Development & Integration Practice (AD&I), Head of SD&I Delivery Centres at Capgemini, worked with Larry at BP.

“ [Justin and Larry] have been nothing short of exemplary. Their approach, professionalism and commitment to our cause has been excellent. [They] have reached deep into their bag of creative thinking in order to assist [us] get to CMMI level 2 by effectively assist with CMMI delivery coupled with [us] also meeting deadlines associated with project and product delivery. I like’s practical and pragmatic approach to getting the job done” Vince S - Global Head of Engineering, Strategy, Architecture & Technical Services - Energy Trading at BP

“Chris always has an eye on the objective and is able to stand back, review things and if the team is wandering, quickly focus attention back to the priorities with a quick, usually witty remark.
He 'gets' process improvement and quality, he worries about the things that make a difference, looking ahead and avoiding problems. Which I've always preferred to fixing things after the event.”
Jonathan Holling, CMMI Consultant, HP Enterprise Services

“Chris is a consciencious person. He has good eye for detail and will see a task through to completion. He looks for ways to add to his training portfolio and is excellent at showing and assisting others with issues. He was excellent at his role as process consultant particularly in the work carried out with regard to CMMI.”
Annette Riding, Procurement and Contracts Manager, Trichotillomania Support ay HP

“Chris played a pivotal role in the programme towards DWP achieving CMMI capability level 3. He demonstrated enthusiasm and knowledge of all process areas and excelled in identifying and inspiring key members of the organisation to join in applying and improving internal processes.
Chris has co-authored bespoke process for Application Support areas, and is very experienced in supporting and evaluating these areas. He is an excellent team player, looking to deliver a consistent team service and ready to support process colleagues with advice and practical help. He was adept at mentoring and communicating the relationship between business practice and CMMI concepts, and he made sure that he was readily available to advise and guide.
He has a thorough attention to detail and was prompt to understand, apply and promote new organisational requirements in support of business initiatives. He is comfortable communicating with all organisational areas, from senior management to project support and project members. Chris is very approachable and greatly respect by the people he supported.”
Louise Mitchell, Delivery Assurance PM, EDS Ltd

“Chris is an experienced project manager who acts with the highest of integrity towards his clients. CSR was a both politically and publically sensitive programme encompassing a large number of stakeholders with conflicting priorities. Chris managed the stakeholders in a calm and pragmatic way, balancing their expectations and requirements against the customer needs and key business drivers and earned their trust and respect resulting in a win/win situation for his project deliverables.
Despite chronic space issues (there were in excess of 800 contractor staff at peak periods), Chris ensured a close contractor/client physical working environment throughout the project lifetime. This enabled all staff to be deployed as and when required by the project, and helped them become productive as soon as possible.
Chris also delivered 2 software applications on time and in budget, enabling the business to train staff on the new CS2 application (up to 700 users at a time) and providing instant support to staff post application release through a newly developed Business Procedures and online Help package.”
Sandra H., Shared Service Design Workstream Manager and PMO Manager, Department of Work and Pensions; worked with Chris at EDS - Applications

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