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What We Offer


Global Process Innovations offers the following services:

  • A bespoke Business Excellence Service based on GPI's unique 9P Approach which consolidates proven business best practice: initial Healthcheck and deeper analyses, training/coaching/mentoring, implementation and consultancy. Results-focused.
  • CMMI Service (Capability Maturity Model Integration): appraisals, training, implementation and consultancy.
  • EFQM Model Service (European Foundation for Quality Management): assessments and consultancy.

Flexible Packaging

  • We deliver our services via a bespoke service package tailored to meet your specific needs.
  • We have a highly flexible pricing and “offerings” structure that enables buy in at a range of levels and budgets.
  • Our aim is not to populate your organisation with consultants but to provide you with 'just enough' access to our expertise to enable your business to understand what needs to be done and how to go about it.


  • Each member of the team has over 30 years of experience including 15 years in analysing and improving the efficiency and effectiveness of organisations across several sectors including Banking, Financial Services, Government, Defence and Commercial.
  • We are not only familiar with the theory but are also highly experienced in the practical implementation of several recognised models of best practice, especially CMMI and EFQM, where we have qualified Lead Appraisers and Assessors.
  • We also have extensive experience of Project Management (including PMP and Prince 2), Change Management, Six Sigma, Lean and Agile.


  • The GPI 9P Approach uses proven best practices from several business excellence models (including EFQM, CMMI for Development, Aquisition and Services, ITIL, COBIT, Lean, Six Sigma, IT-CMF) to help understand and measure how well your business is geared up to providing its products and services.
  • We identify improvement opportunities including those which will provide you with the most benefit in the fastest time
  • We give you an improvement strategy tailored to your needs and circumstances.
  • We work with you and your business and apply our expertise to help you decide what you need to do to ensure the future of your business.
  • We identify measures and/or control mechanisms to help you clearly understand and manage if you are getting better and by how much.
  • We can recommend tools to help you.
  • We advocate a 'learn by doing' philosophy in order to embed the new ways of working; we transfer knowledge, support and guide you in developing your own specific improved practices.

"Tell Me - I'll Forget, Show Me - I'll Remember, Let Me Do It - I'll Understand."

Expertise in Best Practice

Overall Analysis of your Business
Tailored Solutions
Practical Approach
Measured Improvements
Tools Advice
Knowledge Transfer

Flexible Packaging and Pricing
'Just Enough' involvement keeps costs low.

Silver Linings

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